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Primal Instincts

March 21 & 23

Gluttony, lust, passion, grief—be ready to have your most primitive impulses triggered with a new tango-jazz inspired work featuring Galician bagpiper Cristina Pato, before the orchestra delivers the final primordial blow with Orff’s Carmina Burana.
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United We Stand

June 6 & 8

Our shared experiences as Americans unite us in way that lead to different expressions by each of us. This is a program for everyone with pride in America, pride in our service men and women, and pride in shared struggles and triumphs.

Chicago Sinfonietta

Through high artistic standards and a cutting-edge mix of guest artists, we've been carving our own path for over 27 years. Our artist chief, music director Mei-Ann Chen, leads us to gather diverse talent and sounds from all over the world to redefine what you expect from an orchestra. We're pushing the envelope even further now, creating completely innovative experiences that you can hear, feel and see.

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