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2016-17 Press

2015-16 Press

May 2016

Chicago Sinfonietta blends exciting classical music with science

The Local Tourist

"Cosmic Convergence -- a concert of exciting classical music set to a stunning multimedia presentation of astronomy videos like you've never seen."

"Since the group's beginnings in the 1980s, Chicago Sinfonietta has stood to be a model orchestra, celebrating diversity, inclusion, and innovation."

Chicago Sinfonietta explores natural wonders in new program

Naperville Sun

"Science and art naturally complement each other."

Here's the most diverse nonprofit board in the city

Crain's Chicago Business

"leadership in promoting and championing diversity and inclusion"

"At Chicago Sinfonietta, diversity begets diversity"

Chicago Sinfonietta invites you to "Bring Your Own Beat"

Naperville Patch

"Isn’t it great to surprise yourself with something absolutely new and to express your own feelings in a form of percussion sounds? Chicago Sinfonietta will give you a chance to experience it!"

Jan. 2016

Review: Chicago Sinfonietta Hosts Stellar MLK Tribute

Rolling Out

"Mei-Ann Chen was brilliant as she conducted the Sinfonietta with her signature charismatic style."

Dec. 2015

Mei-Ann Chen Voted one of MA's 30 Professionals of the Year

Musical America

"Mei-Ann Chen never misses an opportunity to try something new."

Nov. 2015

Plenty to celebrate in Chicago Sinfonietta’s Día de los Muertos concert

The Chicago Maroon

"The buttoned-down, predominantly white mass that so often frequents Symphony Center was diffracted into a rainbow of faces"

Oct. 2015

Tap In. Turn Up. with Chicago Sinfonietta

The Local Tourist

"The wonderfully playful interaction between dancers, and orchestra was absolutely riveting."

2014-15 Press

Jun. 2015

Feature: Sinfonietta's diversity mission shifts into high gear

Chicago Tribune

"Chicago Sinfonietta is making very good indeed on the pioneering vision of Paul Freeman, its founder and music director emeritus."

Mar. 2015

Review: Chen leads Chicago Sinfonietta, vocal forces through exuberant, sensual ‘Carmina Burana’

Chicago on the Aisle

"The singular community spirit of Chicago Sinfonietta was on proud display"

Review: Chicago Sinfonietta’s “Primal Instincts” Concert Review – A Perfect Spring Concert

Chicago Splash

"The music was so powerful it was hard to sit in one place and as the piece concluded the audience almost flew out of their seats to applaud long and loud. It was a fantastic evening."

Jan. 2015

Review: Despite setbacks, the legacy MLK set in motion cannot be stopped


"I wonder if Dr. King could even, in his wildest imaginings, see how his legacy grows and continues to yield amazing fruit."

Review: I have a dream – Chicago Sinfonietta promoted young talents at its tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Naperville Sun

"If this great man would be alive today, he would look at the performances of those young talented people of color with great satisfaction and pride."

"This triumph of equity and freedom demonstrated by young and talented people of different races and nationalities was presented by one of the most incredible symphony orchestras in the Mid-West"

Sep. 2014

Review: Chicago Sinfonietta and Mucca Pazza at Symphony Center Review - Kindred Spirits Leave Audience Beaming Smiles

Chicago Splash

"Every member of Mucca Pazza is in character, seeming to be drawn by Dr. Seuss."

"This wasn’t just fun—this was uproariously FUN!"

Review: Chicago Sinfonietta Battles Mucca Pazza Smiles

The Local Tourist

"They combine that with atypical instrumentation, such as bagpipes, sitar, steel drums, and many other odd mixtures, making the Chicago Sinfonietta concerts unique to say the least."

"The superb musicality of this diverse group is to be taken seriously."

2013-14 Press

Jun. 2014

Review: Chicago Sinfonietta Ball Review – Rethink, Redefine, Reimagine

Chicago Splash

"Without a doubt, it is the most diverse and inclusive classical music orchestra in the nation, and one that never fails to titillate your senses as they stretch the boundaries of what classical music can be."

May 2014

Review: Identities Review - Concluding The Chicago Sinfonietta's 25th Season

Chicago Splash

"This program is the perfect reflection of the mission of this unique orchestra, which prides itself on being the most diverse in the country."

Review: Chicago Sinfonietta Presented a Great Celebration of the End of the 2013-2014 Season

Naperville Patch

"This time, as many times before, the Chicago Sinfonietta demonstrated its high professionalism and devotion to the musical art and as always impressed the audience by its excellent performance."

Jan. 2014

Tribute to MLK Review: Joy and Inspiration

Chicago Splash

"a diverse program highlighting the music of diverse nations and musical genres"

Nov. 2013

Chicago Sinfonietta “Día de los Muertos” Concert Review – Infusing Cool into Classical Music

Chicago Splash

"Chicago Sinfonietta is creating an audience for classical music and doing it with great imagination and boldness."

Review: Chicago Sinfonietta Celebrates Dia de Los Muertos


"We love Chicago Sinfonietta’s approach to classical music: it really opens it up to a new audience and makes it approachable and interesting."

Sep. 2013

Chicago Sinfonietta’s ’13-14 Season Opener

Art Intercepts

"a fascinating salad of Swan Lake, Hip Hop Dance, symphonic Americana, and Aram Khachaturian."

Hip-hop brings fresh spin to ‘Swan Lake’ in ‘eMotion’

"The bombastic music was the perfect accompaniment for the dancers."

"Chicago Sinfonietta put a fresh spin on the iconic tutu-clad imagery of Tchaikovsky's ballet, Swan Lake."