“Your friend is your needs answered.” – Kahlil Gibran

For over twenty-three years the Chicago Sinfonietta’s Friends groups have been answering our needs and supporting the orchestra through their tireless work on our behalf.  Members of our Friends groups help plan events, volunteer in the office, introduce the orchestra to their friends and family members, and are stalwart supporters.

Want to find out more about how to get involved?  Call or e-mail Courtney Perkins at 312-284-1559.

Southside Friends

Cheri Chappelle, Chair

Sharon Hatchett, Immediate Past Chair
Julie Bargowski
Christine Bowden
Beulah R. Brooks
Pauline Spicer Brown
Carole H. Butler
Cheri Chappelle
Maggie Crenshaw
Loretta Hopkins Davenport
Bobbi Jo King Donelson
Elise Edmond
Emelda L. Estell
Eileen Foggie
Ellen Gary
Joyce Grey
Janice M. Hamasaki
Helen S. Hatchett
Barbara Haworth
Frances K. Jackson
Mary E. Kladis
Margaret R. Malone
Janis E.Marley
Doris Merrity
Helen P. Moore
Jacqueline L. Moore
Nailah Muttalib
Joyce M. Norman
Christine Pesce
Marcia A. Preston
Gwendolyn Ritchie
Antoinette Scott
Sharon E. Scott
Joyce Occomy Stricklin
Sheila Tucker
Audrey Tuggle
Linda Tuggle
Dorothy Roberts White
Elizabeth Wilkins
Rita Wilson


Western Suburban Friends

Julia Skeesick, Chair
Melody Coleman, Vice-Chair

Maureen Wood, Immediate Past Chair
Sarah Dore
Milton Draper
Annette Freund
Helen Hatchett
Sharon Hatchett
Linda Kemp
Judd Lofchie
Patty Lindstrom
Deborah Nolte
Joe Petruzzi
Beth Sances
Suzanne Stegeman
Kathleen Tannyhill
Steve Treacy
Jean VanKeppel
Beverly Williford
Brad Woody